Online Courses

What is this course about?

The online course is the second part of the Educators’ Package developed within LearnersMot project. It takes into account the results of the previous project, as well as its limitations, issues raised or requiring further more in-depth approach to speaking, reading, writing, understanding, cultural skills and two additional contents: arithmetic (mathematics applied to everyday life), as well as the induced technological/digital socialisation of adults with low educational level.

The course also includes a collection of successful literacy practices in non-formal education from Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Poland and the Republic of Northern Macedonia as well as other European countries.

Training for Educators

The course will train educators to use and be able to create methods to help their adult learners:


Objective 1

To encourage the development of the process of permanent motivation aimed at workers with a low-educational level and low-qualifications.

Objective 2

To improve the professional skills of adult educators enabling them to create a non-formal learning environment within the local community.

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